Creating an iOS Linen Background in Photoshop

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Apple’s iOS used to have a linen background from iOS 4 to iOS 6. They shed this with the non-skewomorphic iOS 7 update in 2013. Now, even as Apple no longer uses the design of their past, many people are still nostalgic for that feel, and I will show you how to recreate it.

Step 1: Create a Document and Fill it with Grey

Create a new document by holding down Control + N (or Command + N on a Mac). It can be of any dimensions, since it doesn’t really matter in this. I chose a 1920 x 1080 px canvas so the scale works best later with regards to the textures. Bit depth should be 16 bits, but again, it doesn’t matter.

Create a new layer and fill it in with the color (RGB: ) a.k.a. #444;


Next, you will need to make a new blank layer. This one is where the textures will be made.

Adding another Gaussian Blur next is preferable, but not necessarily needed. This blur would smoothen out the texture a bit, to look more realistic.

To do this, you must click Fliters